Audio Postcard

Audio Postcard

Every holiday season, people indulge in eating foods they typically would not and later come to regret it. So, every New Year they make resolutions to work out more, eat healthily, find love and so on. Jazzercise in Columbia is helping people keep the first resolution by offering intense workout sessions in an environment that does not judge but encourages.


J2150 Blog #1: Fundamental Story Elements

I picked CNN Money’s story “Most Americans not benefiting from Dow 20,000,” for this assignment. The story explores part of the population that was not affected by Dow Jones hitting 20,000 for the first time ever. This story is an excellent example of fundamental story elements because it contains all of them.

The central compelling character, Donna Coomer, is the manager of a gas station in a small city in western Kentucky. Coomer, like most Americans, did not bat an eye when Dow crossed the threshold into history. Coomer is part of the estimated 54% of America that does not invest in the stock market. This means not only do they not own individual stocks but they also do not have money in pension funds.

The main conflict here is the two stark contrasts between Wall Street and Main Street in Coomer’s city. While people on Wall Street are looking for tax cuts and looser regulations, people on Main Street are looking for jobs and more income. People in Coomer’s city are living off of disability checks while waiting on Trump to follow through on his pledge to provide 25 million jobs.

The expert testimony in this story is Chuck Caudill, general manager of the local newspaper. Caudill estimates about 40% of the people in the city live in poverty. Data from the most recent Census is that 54% of the residents live below the poverty line.

Another viewpoint in the story is from another resident in the same city. Most people in Coomer’s city voted for Trump, and despite having very little, they have complete faith in Trump. Despite Dow’s historic moment not affecting them personally, the people in Coomer’s town have hope. Dow’s historic moment reminds them there is money out there and they hope that money will translate into more jobs and income for them.


Pulitzer Winning Picture

This picture, titled “Saigon Execution,” won the Pulitzer prize in 1968. Pictured is a Vietnamese man about to be shot during the Vietnam War. The man holding the gun clearly looks like a member of the military. The photographer of this picture, Eddie Adams, later regretted this picture because it destroyed the life of the man aiming the gun. What has not been revealed in this picture is that the man being shot was actually the captain of a Vietcong “revenge squad” that had executed dozens of unarmed civilians earlier the same day. This picture instantaneously became an icon of the war’s savagery and made the official pulling the trigger the villain.

While you can’t exactly say that the Vietnamese army was the “good side” in the war, the fact remains that people saw this picture and naturally assumed that the man in the uniform was on the wrong side and was killing a civilian. Photojournalism is a wonderful branch of journalism. However, sometimes only photos are not enough. Had the photographer added a caption explaining what exactly was happening in this picture, the way it was perceived would have been very different. It would have made a difference in people forming their judgements and opinions on the war. Instead, a man who murdered innocent people was regarded as another nameless martyr. And the man who stopped him, by killing him, was branded as the villain.


Racism Or Free Speech

This past week has been quite volatile at Mizzou. The atmosphere was filled with uneasiness and tension. While I personally make it a point to not voice my opinions on issues like these, I honestly don’t know where I stand on what’s been happening at Mizzou.

I was asked to share my opinions on the recent happenings at Mizzou, I choose not to do so because that would compromise my ability to be an objective journalist. I feel like my opinions are my own, and are not meant to be expressed on the internet.

However, I will bring up one incident that concerned me. On Tuesday, Nov. 10th, a white supremacist speaker was present on campus. He said some very offensive and racist things that was heard by many. A student of color was walking by Speaker’s Circle around the same time this man was yelling at people. That man approached her threateningly and she had to run away from him.

A few days later, another man said a few things at Speaker’s Circle that offended a few listeners. They assaulted the man. Later that week, the Interim Vice Chancellor emailed the university saying that people were allowed to voice their opinions with no consequences when they were at Speaker’s Circle.

Does this mean that the man who was yelling racist, offensive things at people was expressing his freedom of speech?

Does this mean that the purpose of Speaker’s Circle is now sullied and can be used to further white supremacy agenda or other such things?

Does this mean that someone’s right to the freedom of speech takes precedence over my safety as a student of color?




The Thing I Hate Most About College

It’s been a little over 3 months since my introduction to higher education aka college. Like every other thing in my life, it started out pretty well. I set foot on campus ready to achieve and highly motivated. Then began classes. A couple weeks into actual college life, all motivation was lost.

Somehow my grades took a dive and I found myself scrambling to get them up. After performing well in high school, it was quite the wake up call for me to see less than satisfactory grades looking me in the face. I may or may not have misinterpreted the whole “freedom to do whatever you want” thing and let my grades fall. And now, when I am genuinely trying to get my grades up, it feels like there’s too little time in the day to do all that I need to do.

I obviously do realize that it is my fault that my grades fell in the first place. However, it is frustrating that all my efforts to try and raise my grades are failing. Back home, school and home were separate. Here, I live where I go to school and I go to school where I live, and that fact is still holding me back. As a result, I’m keyed up all week, and weekends offer no respite either. It’s easier to get stressed and make poor lifestyle choices.

So I guess there’s multiple things that I hate about college, that are somehow all connected. You could try and read this post again and figure out one specific thing I especially hate if you wanted to, but I don’t really care.

P.S: I clearly recognize my mistakes and am in no way trying to blame my shortcomings on college life. Also here’s something that I got from BuzzFeed that accurately portrays my college career so far

Stay easy,


How Does The Advancement Of Technology And Social Media Change The Job Of Journalists?

Social media and advancing technology have weeded out the weaker news publications who don’t keep up with the newest changes. In a sense, social media has made journalism survival of the fittest, in this case, survival of those who are willing to change their ways of relaying information as time changes. The age of mass media is over. It has given way to personal media.

News sources today are all about engaging their audience. They encourage feedback and create more user friendly content to lure more viewers/readers. Journalists are expected to be proficient in using social media. The advancements in technology and social media have definitely cut down on the number of jobs available in the industry now. There used to be a need for cameramen and photographers, but today reporters set up their own camera, do their own soundcheck, take their own pictures and upload them instantly on social media to have an edge over competing media sources.

While advancements in technology and social media have taken away jobs they have also introduced new jobs (though not as many as were taken away). For example, most media outlets now have a social media editor who is in charge of updating the outlets’ social media pages. These editors are responsible for engaging with the audience and have the responsibility of drawing more audiences.

Social media has changed the job market in journalism vastly. News outlets unwilling to move away from traditional news relaying don’t succeed. As technology advances, journalists are expected to keep up with the changes while ensuring they gain and not lose their audience.

The Weekend I Realized I Was An Adult

After spending 72 hours (and counting) cooped up in bed with cough syrup, tylenol, and warm water within reaching distance, I have realized I am now an adult. I was struck with sickness (a bit dramatic but it’s the truth) on Friday and my weekend just spiraled down from there. It is now Monday night as I lie in bed writing this post all while wishing I could just sleep until I’m cured. So how, you ask, did this lead to me realizing I am an adult? Let’s muse, shall we.

Friday: It was a normal Friday. My roommate went home for the weekend, while I hunkered down and prepared myself for a Netflix binge watching session. A few minutes (we both know I actually mean hours) into the session, I realized my throat was a little achy. No biggie, thought I (big mistake btw), and just continued on with the rest of my night.

Saturday: Morning dawned and I realized it felt like a giant obstruction sat in my throat. A couple of cups of warm water every few hours and the pain was bearable. I was denying that I was falling sick this whole time. Evening came and I finally let myself come to terms with the fact that I was indeed sick when a cough and a fever joined the party.

Sunday: Woke up with a burning fever, which on a normal weekend would be nbd since I could self medicate, rest and sleep it off (which I did do for a while). However, I was scheduled to work later that day until midnight, and I realized I could barely speak. Then started the frantic hunt for a replacement, so I don’t get fired, ya know. After being told no by 23 different people when asked to cover my shift, it occurred to me that there would be a chance I could be fired…

Never in my life before have I ever missed home as bad. I wished I could ask my mom and dad to get me chicken noodle soup and other things that would soothe me. I wished I could play the patient at home and have my family at my beck and call. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m an independent person. I’ve never relied on anyone for anything… except for when I was sick. And so there I was, all alone in my dorm room, running a little low on food that would soothe, and people who cared for me when I was sick.

However, then came Monday (aka today), and while I missed all of my classes today, I decided to try and move around and more importantly get some food. When I accomplished the above mentioned things, I realized that maybe I could be sick on my own without needing a parent or anyone else to get me things.

So here I am, in my dorm room, surrounded by Kleenex boxes and medicines and warm water, cursing my immune system. But what I’m not doing is relying on my parents to make me feel better, because I’m an adult now, ya know.

Stay easy,