Blog 10: Skills Development Plan

So far this semester we’ve explored audio, photo and video journalism. In the audio unit, learning the different interviewing techniques was informing. I’ve conducted interviews before, but doing an interview with an audio recording device made me really conscious of my technique. I usually give verbal feedback when asking questions, but I had to be conscious of that when I conducted my audio interviews. One of the difficult parts of audio was the editing part. Audition is fairly easy to use now that I have practiced with it but initially it was challenging.

The photo unit was a little more challenging. It was different to report using photos and not video or audio. I had to rely on my pictures more (and to a certain extent words) to tell the story. A challenge in this unit was underestimating how much more there is to photojournalism than simply taking and editing pictures.

We’ve just started the video unit and haven’t turned in any assignments yet. However, I can already tell that the video unit encompasses both audio and video components in it too. For example, when interviewing someone, I need to be mindful that the nat sounds don’t overpower the SOT. When the subject is on camera, I need to make sure I’m focused properly and the subject is framed well. While shooting b-roll, the rule of thirds is also an important component in video.

So far, I think my strongest unit has been audio. Going forward, I’d like to improve in my Adobe Audition skills so that I can edit the tracks confidently. I’d also like to improve my photo skills as well. So far that unit was my lowest grade yet.


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