Blog #6: Photo Skills

This unit, while enlightening, has been more difficult than expected. I have used the same camera before and I have dabbled in photography before but not when the camera is set to manual. Learning to take pictures in manual was challenging. I am all for the trial and error method but during the Real Person photo assignment, I seemed to make more errors than make any real progress. I wasn’t too pleased with my results but I made it work.

Another obstacle I faced was the vagueness in the directions for the assignment. I just prefer more direction in assignments and there seemed to be none for this assignment. It was a bit of a challenge to get something meaningful out of people I met five minutes before interviewing them. It was a little uncomfortable to dig into people’s personal lives without crossing the line.

I also found it a challenge to handle the camera comfortably. I tried the variety of techniques shown to us during class but all of them felt awkward to me. I know that this is something that will take time to figure out, so I hope I’ll be able to figure it out soon.

It was also disappointing to have received a low grade on the Real Person photos because of my captions. I would have preferred the rubric to be more specific about what I did wrong but I received no feedback on it, even after I talked to my instructor about it. The feedback I received was vague and did not justify why I got only a 10/25 on the captions part.


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