Real Person Photos


Matt Carpenter, a senior in high school, prides himself on his memory. Carpenter remembers scores from every middle school and high school game he has been to. “I can remember every score from every game my eighth grade year,” Carpenter said.


Sarah Vaughn, an avid hunter, will participate in a rattlesnake roundup in Sweetwater, Texas, next week. The roundup aims to spread awareness about the lack of anti-venom in hospitals. Vaughn says she is nervous because she does not “do poisonous snakes.”

HP 4th.jpg

L.T. Bowens, the worship pastor at Christian Chapel Church, rehearses the worship set before the youth service. A veteran, Bowens said he realized his passion for music when he was serving in South Korea and was invited to join the choir. Bowens’ “To-Do Board,” consists of tasks like buying donuts for the worship team and scheduling doctor’s appointments for his four children.


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