Racism Or Free Speech

This past week has been quite volatile at Mizzou. The atmosphere was filled with uneasiness and tension. While I personally make it a point to not voice my opinions on issues like these, I honestly don’t know where I stand on what’s been happening at Mizzou.

I was asked to share my opinions on the recent happenings at Mizzou, I choose not to do so because that would compromise my ability to be an objective journalist. I feel like my opinions are my own, and are not meant to be expressed on the internet.

However, I will bring up one incident that concerned me. On Tuesday, Nov. 10th, a white supremacist speaker was present on campus. He said some very offensive and racist things that was heard by many. A student of color was walking by Speaker’s Circle around the same time this man was yelling at people. That man approached her threateningly and she had to run away from him.

A few days later, another man said a few things at Speaker’s Circle that offended a few listeners. They assaulted the man. Later that week, the Interim Vice Chancellor emailed the university saying that people were allowed to voice their opinions with no consequences when they were at Speaker’s Circle.

Does this mean that the man who was yelling racist, offensive things at people was expressing his freedom of speech?

Does this mean that the purpose of Speaker’s Circle is now sullied and can be used to further white supremacy agenda or other such things?

Does this mean that someone’s right to the freedom of speech takes precedence over my safety as a student of color?





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