The Thing I Hate Most About College

It’s been a little over 3 months since my introduction to higher education aka college. Like every other thing in my life, it started out pretty well. I set foot on campus ready to achieve and highly motivated. Then began classes. A couple weeks into actual college life, all motivation was lost.

Somehow my grades took a dive and I found myself scrambling to get them up. After performing well in high school, it was quite the wake up call for me to see less than satisfactory grades looking me in the face. I may or may not have misinterpreted the whole “freedom to do whatever you want” thing and let my grades fall. And now, when I am genuinely trying to get my grades up, it feels like there’s too little time in the day to do all that I need to do.

I obviously do realize that it is my fault that my grades fell in the first place. However, it is frustrating that all my efforts to try and raise my grades are failing. Back home, school and home were separate. Here, I live where I go to school and I go to school where I live, and that fact is still holding me back. As a result, I’m keyed up all week, and weekends offer no respite either. It’s easier to get stressed and make poor lifestyle choices.

So I guess there’s multiple things that I hate about college, that are somehow all connected. You could try and read this post again and figure out one specific thing I especially hate if you wanted to, but I don’t really care.

P.S: I clearly recognize my mistakes and am in no way trying to blame my shortcomings on college life. Also here’s something that I got from BuzzFeed that accurately portrays my college career so far

Stay easy,



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