How Does The Advancement Of Technology And Social Media Change The Job Of Journalists?

Social media and advancing technology have weeded out the weaker news publications who don’t keep up with the newest changes. In a sense, social media has made journalism survival of the fittest, in this case, survival of those who are willing to change their ways of relaying information as time changes. The age of mass media is over. It has given way to personal media.

News sources today are all about engaging their audience. They encourage feedback and create more user friendly content to lure more viewers/readers. Journalists are expected to be proficient in using social media. The advancements in technology and social media have definitely cut down on the number of jobs available in the industry now. There used to be a need for cameramen and photographers, but today reporters set up their own camera, do their own soundcheck, take their own pictures and upload them instantly on social media to have an edge over competing media sources.

While advancements in technology and social media have taken away jobs they have also introduced new jobs (though not as many as were taken away). For example, most media outlets now have a social media editor who is in charge of updating the outlets’ social media pages. These editors are responsible for engaging with the audience and have the responsibility of drawing more audiences.

Social media has changed the job market in journalism vastly. News outlets unwilling to move away from traditional news relaying don’t succeed. As technology advances, journalists are expected to keep up with the changes while ensuring they gain and not lose their audience.


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