The Weekend I Realized I Was An Adult

After spending 72 hours (and counting) cooped up in bed with cough syrup, tylenol, and warm water within reaching distance, I have realized I am now an adult. I was struck with sickness (a bit dramatic but it’s the truth) on Friday and my weekend just spiraled down from there. It is now Monday night as I lie in bed writing this post all while wishing I could just sleep until I’m cured. So how, you ask, did this lead to me realizing I am an adult? Let’s muse, shall we.

Friday: It was a normal Friday. My roommate went home for the weekend, while I hunkered down and prepared myself for a Netflix binge watching session. A few minutes (we both know I actually mean hours) into the session, I realized my throat was a little achy. No biggie, thought I (big mistake btw), and just continued on with the rest of my night.

Saturday: Morning dawned and I realized it felt like a giant obstruction sat in my throat. A couple of cups of warm water every few hours and the pain was bearable. I was denying that I was falling sick this whole time. Evening came and I finally let myself come to terms with the fact that I was indeed sick when a cough and a fever joined the party.

Sunday: Woke up with a burning fever, which on a normal weekend would be nbd since I could self medicate, rest and sleep it off (which I did do for a while). However, I was scheduled to work later that day until midnight, and I realized I could barely speak. Then started the frantic hunt for a replacement, so I don’t get fired, ya know. After being told no by 23 different people when asked to cover my shift, it occurred to me that there would be a chance I could be fired…

Never in my life before have I ever missed home as bad. I wished I could ask my mom and dad to get me chicken noodle soup and other things that would soothe me. I wished I could play the patient at home and have my family at my beck and call. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m an independent person. I’ve never relied on anyone for anything… except for when I was sick. And so there I was, all alone in my dorm room, running a little low on food that would soothe, and people who cared for me when I was sick.

However, then came Monday (aka today), and while I missed all of my classes today, I decided to try and move around and more importantly get some food. When I accomplished the above mentioned things, I realized that maybe I could be sick on my own without needing a parent or anyone else to get me things.

So here I am, in my dorm room, surrounded by Kleenex boxes and medicines and warm water, cursing my immune system. But what I’m not doing is relying on my parents to make me feel better, because I’m an adult now, ya know.

Stay easy,



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