Opinion and News

When traditional media was established, no one ever expected that comedy and news would ever blend together as well as John Oliver and his show seems to make it blend. Both John Oliver’s show and The New York Times Editorial Board present their opinions with facts that support their argument. It’s almost like they are having a debate with a non-existent opponent, and winning. As a result, the audience they cater to don’t bother doing their own research on the matters presented by the two media/news outlets in discussion.

Last Week Tonight and The New York Times (NYT) are examples of liberal media. While John Oliver (JO) refuses to call himself a journalist, the NYT is a mainstream media outlet. However, the editorial board works on Op-ed articles which are essentially the editorial board’s views on a certain topic presented in a light that favors their argument. In such a case, there is not much of a difference between the NYT’s editorial board and JO’s style of presenting the news. Arguably, both outlets are presenting a case to their audiences and it’s their audiences’ responsibility to inform themselves further on the issue and then make an informed decision.

As journalists, we can merely present the news in an objective manner, and hope for the people to educate themselves. I sincerely hope that people don’t believe what they watch on TV and read on the internet blindly with no research whatsoever. Last Week Tonight and NYT’s editorial board are failing to present the news in an objective manner, and this may lead to misinformed individuals making misinformed decisions.

While I personally like Last Week Tonight, I also make sure that I don’t make a decision based on someone else’s opinions, and I hope that you don’t either.

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