Types of People You Encounter When You Work In Retail

So I’ve been working as a cashier in a grocery store on campus for a couple of weeks now. In my very brief time as a cashier, I have encountered exactly seven types of customers. And since I’m sort of lacking in conversation topics on here, I thought I’d share my observations with you. You’re welcome.

  1. The Cut And Dry Customer: These customers just wanna get their stuff and leave, and there is absolutely no harm in that. I am a really big advocate of doing so myself. They’re probably the most organized/prepared people in line. They know what they want and how they’re going to pay for it. These customers are probably my favorite simply because they always keep the line moving, which is every cashier’s dream.
  2. The Conversationalist: These customers will talk your ears off. No, really. Once you engage them in conversation (accidental or deliberate) you can kiss productivity goodbye. As someone who detests small conversation (or just conversation in general) I am forced to interact with them. While on most days I try my best to avoid such customers, on slower days (and I hate to admit this) I appreciate their company and conversation.
  3. The Truly Broke College Student: These customers are my personal favorite because they make me laugh (on the inside, of course. It’s rude to laugh at them openly.) They’ll split one bill on three to four different cards and then pay the leftover in what little cash they have. The whole time they do this, they unnecessarily apologize profusely not knowing that they are actually entertaining me.
  4. The One On The Phone: Probably my least favorite customer. Sure you can have a conversation on your phone as long as you can interact with me too. If you can’t then there’s a hint for ya to get off the phone. Not only is it rude, but it’s also difficult to decipher who you’re talking to.
  5. The One With Friends: If I have to yell above you and your friends to ask you whether or not you need a bag/receipt then we obviously have a problem.
  6. The Silent One: If from the moment you walked in the store until the moment you left you’ve said zero words then you’ve just made it awkward for everyone.
  7. The Perfect One: And then, once in a while (if you’re lucky) comes along this customer. They are the perfect mixture of the first two types of customers They are patient, funny, and give you their full, undivided attention, and you and this customer form a bond… for a minute (or three if your register is slow). Then it’s back to work again.

Thanks for sacrificing your precious time and reading this post.

Stay easy,



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